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Chilastran, Mar 21, 12 2:33 AM.
Bunch of the officers went to Infallible Evil.  If you think you can do HM/NMM ops msg Doomhand.

Second raid group status

Chilastran, Mar 9, 12 11:51 PM.
We chose not to run the second raid group this week.  Both of the healers had anticipated real life issues, we were using an overgeared officer tank, and had melee dps almost exclusively, one of which was undergeared anyway.  Fiberglass and Xeross worked to get geared for HMs and will be coming to ops on Wednesday in place of Abrams and Hekatrix.  The primary raid group, next week, is: Dray, Draytec on heals, Zythos on tank, Isiel, Onuris, Fiberglass, Donjarfi, Ralldan on dps.  We will continue cycling out people weekly.  No one will go two weeks being benched, just one.  During this coming week anyone who wants to get in on raiding should continue to gear up in pug normal ops and HM FPs.  The officers continue to regularly run HM FPs for people who want extra help expediting HM FPs.  This process of benching people will continue until we have a sufficient amount of people ready for a second raid group.  Currently we are right in the funny position of about four extra HM capable people.  Anyone benched is STRONGLY ADVISED to both: show up on raid night in case someone doesnt show up (failure to show up will affect the frequency of any future benching), AND attempt to get into pug raid groups.  These run on a daily basis, they aren't difficult to find and mostly want dps, which we have in surplus.  We'll continue to try and schedule raids around people's schedules, but the typical days will be Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM.  Continue to check the raid calendar for the most up to date information, and keep your eyes open for any GOOD recruitments.  This isn't Fear Engine, but we won't turn away talent until we have two fully functional raid groups.  Ranged dps are what we need most at the moment.  We'll continue to run organized WZs throughout the week.  Instead of running the HM op we took the few extra people and went off to hide and seek.  We posted some of the pics taken in the gallery.

PLEASE REMEMBER: quality > quantity.  I'd rather run one raid group successfully and have a few people chill every once in a while than run two half assed groups with undergeared, poorly classed teams.  Everyone who gets geared for HMs WILL get to do HM ops provided they can handle the boss mechanics.  If you want to raid, you will.

5 NM/5 HM full clear, recap and future plan

Chilastran, Mar 7, 12 4:59 AM.
We cleared the first four bosses of NMM EV and NMM Bonstrasher, with the rest being completed on HM.  The primary raid group isn't perfect.  People who are struggling with proper rotations or interruptions are strongly advised to practice on their own time in order to be allowed to continue in the NMM focused raid group.  Without being preachy I just want to be clear: the only criterion toward admission in the NMM raid group is your capacity to kill the bosses.  Not temporal seniority.  Not gear.  Nothing but your ability to do your job in the raid matters.  If you can't, we simply have to find someone who can.  We want that to be you, but no one can play your character for you.  Some people need to practice.  Period.

I haven't noticed any of the persons who were in normal mode ops last week running HM FPs in order to gear in preparation for HM Ops tomorrow.  Unless four guild members are sufficiently geared to enter HM ops, we just won't run them.  Again, if you don't have the stomach to run HM FPs in preparation for HM ops, you wouldn't be able to do the op anyway.  It's unfair to ask people in t3 to backtrack to t1 content when t1 content can be completed in a solo capacity, so normal ops wont be run by the officers of the guild unless they want to or have an alt that can use the gear.  You don't have to raid, but if you want to benefit from seniority leadership we need you to meet us halfway.

If you believe that you should be in the NMM group and currently aren't, or if you have a geared alt that isn't guilded to Discordia and you want them to be part of the NMM group let Dray/Vicaras or Draytec/Eskamo know.  I'm leaving everyone the ability to invite new members, but I would ask that you only invite actual friends or people who you think will be raid assets.

The guild's a group of friends that can get together easily and down commonly useful content.  For now downing NMM bosses is just a test, with nothing bigger at stake than a character title.  The safe bet is that this game is going to get A LOT harder.  I want 8 people sharp as razors and with every NMM boss on farm before patch 1.2.  For now we can skate by, but it won't always be like that.  We need to keep focused, and next week I WANT a full NMM clear.  Very nice work, let's bring it home next Tuesday.  

5/5 EV, Sweat Unbroken

Chilastran, Mar 4, 12 12:58 AM.
Our second raid group tanked by Zythos did excellently in their first EV run.  With both the healers near 1000 main stat we still full cleared.  There were no notable problems whatsoever and we look forward to including the second raid group into the primary one for HM/NMM content very soon.  Only two days since forming we've established two incredibly successful raid groups and invited a total of 38 members and alts.  Not at all bad for a couple days' play.  Excellent job everyone, keep it up.

Within hours of formation we downed every boss in the game with a mere handful of deaths

Chilastran, Mar 2, 12 5:28 PM.
Fantastic first run everyone.  After applying to the website and getting an admin to approve the app, make sure that you're signed up for all events that interest you and continue blanket recruitment throughout the week.  After one week of open recruitment the process will be more rigorous but currently we will recruit any level/gear/class.  Try to make a habit of checking the website daily, as the in game MOTD can only provide so much information about whats going on.  Excellent job everyone.  We'll go far.

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